How to book a theory test cancellation

It is now possible to book a theory test without having to use a cancellation service. Pearson has released hundreds of new test slots per a test centre as of 30th March 2021. Get your theory test booked now so that you can book your practical driving test.

  1. Your details

    Visit the DVSA website and start your booking process by entering your name, dob and driving licence number and click 'next'.

    Your detailsYour details
  2. Test type

    Select your theory test type, either car (category B) or Motorcycle (Category a/p/am) and click 'next'.

    Test typeTest type
  3. English or Welsh

    Select the language that you want to take your theory test in and then click 'next'.

    English or WelshEnglish or Welsh
  4. Theory test confirmation

    Review your the selections you have made and if you're happy to continue with booking your theory test then click 'next'.

    Theory test confirmationTheory test confirmation
  5. Support for your test

    Theory tests take 60 minutes, but if you need any additional support then tick 'yes' and then click 'next'.

    Support for your testSupport for your test
  6. Theory test centres

    Enter your area and you should now see the theory test centres near you. Select upto 3 and then click 'next'.

    Theory test centresTheory test centres
  7. Select your preferred test date

    On the next screen you should see a calendar, Click the calendar from the month May 2021 and you should see hundreds of available test slots to book, please select one.

    Select your preferred test dateSelect your preferred test date
  8. Select your preferred time slot

    Once you have selected your preferred date you should see a popup to select a preferred time slot. Please select one and click 'next' and follow the rest of the instructions and enter payment information. You have now booked your theory test.

    Select your preferred time slotSelect your preferred time slot