Are You A Driving Instructor? Earn £6 Commission Per Pupil You Refer

For every pupil you refer that signs up we'll pay you £6 commission. Fully automated, no additional management on your side, just refer and we'll get your pupil an earlier test and pay you.

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How Does The ADI Referral Schema Work

  1. Pupil fails their driving test, you recommend them to use our service.
  2. Pupil signs up to our premium service and starts receiving driving test cancellations.
  3. You've now earnt £6 and can keep track of all your earnings in our dashboard.
  4. We'll pay you monthly via either PayPal or bank transfer, which ever you choose.

Your Earning Potential

ReferPupils a week with leaflets we send you
ReferPupils a week by putting a link on your website
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the commission process work?

The process is super simple. Refer your pupil to our website by giving them a marketing brochure that we provide you in bulk or/and refer them via a web link that you can put on your website or send to them in a text message. Once they have signed up to premium we wil pay you £6.

When will I be paid

You will be paid at the end of each month by either PayPal or bank transfer secured by stripe.

Am I entering a contract?

No, there is no contract. You can stop using our service at any time.

Do I need to pay anything?

No, you don't need to pay anything. We will pay you.

What are the leaflets?

The leaflets are simple marketing material around the size of a business card with a unique 5 digit code that identifies you as the referrer. We'll post you these or you can print them yourself.

The weblink is just a URL like ''. We'll provide you with a web link that contains your unique 5 digit code that identifies you as the referrer. You can send the link to your pupil via text message or even put it on your website. If the pupil clicks it and signsup to premium then you will have referred them and earnt £6.

How do you know that I referred a pupil?

The leaflets and weblinks contain a unique 5 digit code that identifies you as the referrer. You can view all the pupils that you have referred in our dashboard.

Do I need to do any additional management to use this service?

No, our service is fully automated. All you need to do is refer your pupils with a leaflet, text message or a link on your website and we'll do the rest.

Absolutely, just get in touch and we'll do our best to help you.

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