How to book a driving test if there is no test slot availability

Driving test cancellations work by helping rearranging your booked driving test. If you're unable to book a driving test then you could place your test on hold if you meet the DVSA's criteria. You could also book at any test centre and then use our cancellation service to get a test booked at your preferred centre, heres how.

  1. Choose your test type

    Visit the DVSA website and start your booking process by selecting 'car' test and then click 'continue'.

    Choose your test typeChoose your test type
  2. Your licence details

    Just enter your driving licence details and then click 'continue'. If your theory test has expired you can't get past this step.

    Your licence detailsYour licence details
  3. Select any date

    Select any date, even if there is no test availability and then click 'continue'.

    Select any dateSelect any date
  4. Search test centre

    Enter the name of your test centre and then click 'find test centres'.

    Search test centreSearch test centre
  5. Test centre results

    Select your test centre to continue.

    Test centre resultsTest centre results
  6. No test centre availability

    You should see a message saying there is no test availability.

    No test centre availabilityNo test centre availability
  7. Place test on hold or book a test at any test centre

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click 'place test on hold' and follow the rest of the instructions. If you cannot see the "hold" button then you'll need to book a test at any test centre. Once you have completed all the steps we can then start searching for cancellations at any test centre of your choosing.

    Place test on hold or book a test at any test centrePlace test on hold or book a test at any test centre

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