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We can get you a driving test cancellation booked at your preferred test centre for any date & times of your choosing. Let's get you an earlier practical driving test booked NOW.

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Driving test cancellations NOW features

Automatic Search

We search for driving test cancellations every minute across all test centres to get you the driving test that you want. We can search for both earlier and later test dates.


We can autobook driving test cancellations on your behalf as soon as they become available, just manage your booking preferences in our app.

Notifications In App

Receive test cancellations & booking confirmation notifications in app and by email.

Book In App In A Tap

Receive a driving test cancellation notfication then book in our app in a tap or enable autobooking and we'll book it for you.

Multiple Test Centres

Widen your search across multiple test centres to get a driving test cancellation booked fast at your preferred test centre.

Manage Preferences In App

Manage all your prefered date & times, test centres and booking preferences with our state of the art mobile app on iOS & Android.

Date & Times Of Your Choosing

Take control of your test date in app by using our range of tools to manage your preferred cancellation date & times.

Email Communication

We'll keep you informed of the test centres, date & times that we're searching for and bookings we've made. We'll keep you informed every step of the way

Money Back Guarantee

If we don't book you an earlier driving test you will receive a FULL refund *.

Unlimited Usage Until You Pass

Unlimited driving test cancellations searches, notifications and bookings until you pass your practical driving test.

What is a driving test cancellation?

Why pupils cancel driving tests

A driving test cancellation is when a new test slot becomes available that was previously booked by a pupil. These cancellations occur when a pupil cancels or rearranges their driving test, this usually happens if the instructor is unavailable, the pupil is ill or the pupil is not ready to take their driving test.

IMPORTANT: To use cancellation services the pupil first needs to have a test booked, this can be done via the DVSA website. Our service does not buy or sell test slots, we can only help re-arrange the pupils booked test to a more suitable date & time, or test centre as soon as availability presents itself.

More about us, Driving Test NOW

Why pupils cancel driving tests

Take control of your driving test date and get an earlier driving test booked by using our driving test cancellation service. We search all driving test cancellations across the UK every minute.

That's our motto, but more than that we are a market leader and the most trusted test checker and booking service when it comes to getting an earlier driving test booked. We strive on customer support and offer the best search & booking service on the market. Once signed up you can keep track of our progress every step of the way by downloading our iOS & Android app.

How The Driving Test Cancellation Process Works In 4 Steps

  1. A test cancellation becomes available when a pupil has had to rearrange their test date; usually due to not being ready to take their practical driving test.
  2. New earlier test dates can also become available. Test centres randomly release batches of new test dates due to more examiner availability and other reasons.
  3. Whenever a pupil cancels their test or when a test centre releases new dates you can change your currently book test to any of these new dates.
  4. This is where we can help. We can notify & book you one of these earlier tests, all you have to do is have an existing test booked that we can then help re-arrange to a more suitable date & time for you.

How to rebook your cancelled driving test

This video created by Joshua Ramwell of Toucan Driving School explains how you can book a driving test if your test has been cancelled or if your test is months away. Joshua goes on to explain what is a driving test cancellation (short notice test) and how they occur.

How to find and book driving test cancellations fast

book earlier test move on hold test to boooked

You have a test booked or on hold

The best way to get an earlier test cancellation booked is by using an automated driving test cancellation booking service.

With our Driving Test Cancellations NOW service we search for practical driving tests every 60 seconds. We then notify users of the available tests by sending push notifications to our app installed on their mobile device, which they can accept with a tap or by logging into their account. Another option we have is our autobook feature. To use this, all you need to do is select your preferred date and times of the test you would like booking and we’ll book it for you automatically, preventing you from missing the test slot and helping taking the stress away from you.

no test booked no availability

You do not have a test booked and no test on hold

If your theory test is due to expire or you're just looking to get started you may find it difficult to book a practical driving test due to limited test slot availablility. If this is your situation you can book your driving test to be placed on "HOLD".

  1. Place your driving test on "HOLD" by booking your test on the DVSA website. When you get to the test centre selection you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "place test on hold". Follow our how to book a driving test with no availability guide.
  2. Next, you can use our cancellation service to move your test from "HOLD" to an actual booked test at a test centre of your choosing. Get started by selecting your preferred test centres and dates by signing upto our driving test canellation service.

How To Find Driving Test Cancellations For Free

Find driving test cancellations for free

There are 2 approaches to finding driving test cancellations for free.

  1. Login to the DVSA website using your driving licence number and booking reference or theory test number to access your booked driving test. Once you are logged in click the button called “change” next to your current test details. You will be redirected to a new page where you can view all test availability for your test centre. This approach is quite straight forward but requires manual checking of a website for days.
  2. Visit our free test cancellations page to view the most recent found cancellations for your test centre. This page automatically updates and you don’t need any personal information and are not required to keep logging in. This approach is much easier than the first approach but the cancellations are delayed by 5-10 minutes.

Once signed up manage all you preferences in our app

  • We check the DVSA website for test cancellatons every minute
    We check the DVSA website for test cancellatons every minute
  • We can auto book you an earlier driving test
    We can auto book you an earlier driving test
  • We can search across multiple driving test centres in the UK
    We can search across multiple driving test centres in the UK
  • You can book an earlier driving test in app in a tap
    You can book an earlier driving test in app in a tap

How can I search for a later driving test date?

To search for a later test you will need to change your search preferences. To do this you will need to select the settings option and then select ‘search management’. You will then have the option to enable this feature.

How long does it take to find a driving test cancellation / earlier test?

We usually start to find driving test cancellations within an hour. But depending on your availability preferences and test centres it could potentially take a few days to book you an earlier driving test.

My driving test is on hold, can I still get driving test cancellations?

Yes you can! Simply select your preferred test centres & dates/times in-app and we'll do the rest and get a test booked for you.

How Much Is Driving Test Cancellations NOW?

The service costs £17.99. This is a one off payment for unlimited usage until you pass your driving test.

If you help re-arrange my test can I reuse the app? or do I have to pay again?

You have unlimited usage of the app until you pass at no additional charge, no matter how many attempts it takes.

If you find me a test date do I have to take that date?

No, you can continue to use our services until you find your desired test date at no additional charge.

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* You are able to request a full refund within the first 14 days of puchase if no test has been re-arranged with an exception of clause 13 in our terms of service.